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In the name of fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, dry fruits, we are consuming chemicals, which is working as a silent killer and deteriorating our health day by day. It's time to wake up and opt herbal food products before it gets too late. At the Seraphic Essential Oils & Oleoresin, we produce pure products sourced from the agricultural farms of East India.

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Our Products

In our product ranges from fruits to vegetables to cereals to dry fruits to oils & milk, purity is promised. We have established ourselves as one of the leading exporters of food products due to supreme quality and timely delivery.

Aromatic Essential Oil

Aromatic Essential oils are claimed to have many health benefits. Castor Oil has benefits for digestion, whereas Oils like – Lavender, Rosemary and Tee Tree Oil have great benefits for hair & skin.

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The range of cereals – Rice, Besan, Millets, Bajra, Maida are superfine slender grains. They taste well, possess great aroma. The inspection is done on every level from seeding to harvesting to processing.

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Dry Fruits

The variety of dry fruits is popular worldwide. From raisins to cashew nuts to almonds to Dates, the purity is guaranteed. All are processed keeping their freshness and nutritional value in mind.

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Edible Oils

Oil seed crops are organically grown. The oil content ranges about 20-40% in the seeds. The oil is consumed across the Globe mainly for cooking purpose.

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We grow fresh fruits under hygienic conditions. The fruits are free from waxing, artificial seeding. The range of fruits is available for all season. Buy them on budget friendly prices.

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Grains & Pulses

The superior quality grains & pulses manufacturing is based on industrial standards. Our pulses are highly nutritious and contain optimum quantity of protein.

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Milk Liquid

Milk is the rich source of Protein, Iron and Calcium. It is best suitable for all the age group. Our milk is produced from desi cows who are not tortured and fed with natural fodder & cattle feed.

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Milk Powder

Milk Powder is enormously used worldwide for chocolate making purpose, baby formula milk and for making instant coffee & teas in flights, hotels and motels. Milk Powder is made from fresh milk supplied by certified dairy farmers.

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Spices Paste


The Spices paste is a must have kitchen item to be used for most Indian as well as Mughlai dishes. A spoon of Spices Paste is enough to prepare gravy for four people meals. It contributes into hassle free cooking.

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Spices Powder


The high grade spices like: Haldi, Jeera, Sauf, Garam Masala, Special Masalas like: Pao Bhaji, Sambhar Masala are best to use for adding aroma, flavor, color to the cuisines. They can also be used for medicinal purpose.

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Spices Whole


Buy certified herbal whole spices that bring wonderful taste as well as good health in your daily meals. The unadulterated spice up your aromatic dishes like: Biryani, Pulao, Chaat Papdi etc.

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Our fresh vegetables comprise seasoned vegetables like: Gourds, Pumpkin for summers, fresh Cauliflowers and Green Leafy vegetables in Winters. The vegetables are free of insects and taste good.

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