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Seraphic Essential Oils & Oleoresin is one of the renowned export & import business firms hailing from Arunachal Pradesh, Which deals in natural agricultural products like spices, aromatic essential oils, cereals, fruits, grains, pulses, indigenous products etc.  Today, in the name of fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, dry fruits, we are consuming chemicals, which is working as a silent killer and deteriorating our health day by day. It’s time to wake up and opt herbal food products before it gets too late.  At Seraphic, we make sure that the products sourced from the agricultural farms of North East & Rest part of India.

The North East India region is bestowed with diverse agro-climatic zones, which makes itself a rich storehouse of different types of Flora and Fauna. Besides, this the condition helps in acclimatization, and cultivation of a number of aromatic plants, essential oils, organic and natural products, and other agriculture products. Commercial crops can be cultivated without disturbing the existing flora and have the potential to establish as cash crops in this region. Arunachal Pradesh which is the eastern most state of North East India has immense potential and thus Seraphic essential oils and Oleoresin (SEOO) is one such initiatives towards better health of the Nation and World.

The primary focus lies with the uncompromising quality and unadulteration & provide nutritional values to the body. With the constant upgradation in terms of methodology, technology & quality control systems, we are sustaining well being & promoting healthy lifestyle across the Globe.  Our products match international standards and are free from injection treatments & antibiotics.

We aim at providing a significant contribution towards ‘Make in India’ & boost Indian economy with increased exports. This will ultimately bring high income avenues for Govt. as well as sustainable income sources for farmers.

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