Natural Food

Q. What is Natural Food?

A. Natural food undergoes through minimal processing and contains no preservatives or artificial additives. The nutritional value of natural food is higher than the conventional food as it is devoid of uncontaminated by salt or refined sugar.


Q. What are the benefits of Natural Food?

A. Unlike man made food that is highly sugared, salted and processed, natural food is rich in health-giving nutrients that sustain and energies us. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vital vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients leading to a positive, natural state of physical and mental health and vibrancy.


Q. How does SEOO prevent cross contamination from Natural food?

A. SEOO follows good manufacturing practices that help prevent cross contamination of allergens. The equipment gets a full wet sanitization if there is a changeover from an allergen product to a non-allergen product.


Q. Is SEOO products gluten free?

A. Yes! Our cereals are made with Gluten free items. They are also 3rd party gluten-free certified (through the GFCO). Additionally, we test EVERY lot down to 10ppm for the presence of gluten.


Q. Are all natural products organic?

A. No, natural food is the one that is minimally processed without adding preservatives and additives. Whereas, organic is the Gold Standard for “eco-labels”- inspected by the Government and follows National Standards.