From the past 20 years, Seraphic Essential Oils & Oleoresin has grown significantly. The business was started from Dr. Moyuruddin Ahmed, Director, R & D centre NEDFI, Guwahati, Assam. With the assistance of SBI Branch Manager, Itanagar, the financial support was extended along with cultivation and purchase of steam distillation unit at Bath village Itanagar. Technical assistance was provided by NEDFI, scientists from Guwahati Assam.

When in today’s modern time, nobody is ready to invest into agriculture; Dr. Moyuruddin Ahmed took the initiative. For the revival of dead business, the credit goes to an educated lady Architect – Er. Gyamar Kaku who holds the Master’s degree in Architect Engineering from West Bengal. Keeping National progress in mind, the company focused at holistic contribution towards the field of cultivation, production, marketing sector etc. The company decided to expand as well as install highly concentrated machineries for the extraction of essential oils, oleoresins and dry items. Gradually it contributed its best for producing value added products and captured international markets in the form of exports.

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